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Affordable Dog Boarding

 ***Fill the dog boarding RESERVATION form to make a reservation.

We here at Amanda's Tcups n Toys also offer affordable boarding for dogs, cats, and other small animals. We believe in making a wonderful vacation experiance for each dog. Pit Bull breeds and mixes are not allowed for boarding due to their agressive behavior. Some exceptions do apply. Call for details.

* Due to the remote location 15 miles east on MLK/969 we now offer

Regular Boarding
$25.00/night  for small dogs (under 20 lbs)
$35.00/night for large dogs (over 20 lbs)

$20.00/night for cats

*Call for other small animal pricing

Doggie Day Care
All day care is by reservation only.
$15 /full-day per dog

Photo Shoot
$25 for an individual photo shoot. A $10 deposit is required and your dog must be scheduled for day care or boarding. The photo charges are in addition to Amanda's Tcups 'n Toys regular day care or boarding charges.
$10 for each additional dog included in the same photo shoot.

Grooming (Bath)
Up to 80lbs w/short coat - $10.00
Up to 80lbs w/long/thick coat - $15.00
Over 80lbs - $20.00

 ***Fill the dog boarding RESERVATION form to make a reservation.


All Boarding and Day Care is by reservation only. Make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Holidays book up months in advance and weekends fill up weeks in advance, so PLEASE...PLAN AHEAD! Day care currently books up about a week in advance. Always call the office for the most current available dates.

The following are things you need to know prior to your dog's first stay:

  • Pit Bull mixes are not allowed for daycare or boarding with few exceptions. Call for details. 512-771-5466
  • Tcups 'n Toys does not allow Wolf hybrids or mixes on the property.
  • Dogs picked up and delivered on their alloted times scheduled. For personal drop off schedule please call in advance.
  • An Evaluation day (day care) is required. We will give you our honest opinion of how your dog fared overall, whether we saw signs of stress, aggression or other potentially problematic behaviors, and will let you know whether or not Tcups 'n Toys is a good fit for your dog.
  • All dogs over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs must have current vaccination records on file with us. This includes Rabies within three years, DHPP and Bordatella (to prevent Kennel Cough) annually*. 
  • During the warmer months all dogs are required to be on flea prevention such as Program, Sentinel, Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution. Tick prevention is highly recommended.
  • All dogs must wear a nylon or leather collar with a nametag and a current rabies tag already attached. No choke chains, shock collars, or pinch collars are allowed in the kennel as they present a hazard to dogs while in playgroup (and we don't like them). If you have one of these, please talk to us about an alternative. Harnesses get caught on fences, and large dogs like to use them as "handles," so please take them off on arrival. Please take your leash home with you.
  • We are happy to give medication to your dog at no extra charge. All medication must come in a clearly marked container (preferably the original container-NO BAGGIES PLEASE). With the following information:
    - Dog's Name
    - Name of Medication and strength
    - Dosage per day or if needed (let us know at drop off what
      doses have already been given that day)

    - Reason for medication
  • No dog is allowed to leave Tcups 'n Toys in the back of a pick-up truck unless in a securely tied down crate.


  • We feed Purnia Dog Chow. If you wish to bring your dog's own food, you may do so at no extra charge.
  • LABEL EVERYTHING you bring for your dog with his/her name on it. We are not responsible for any items lost or destroyed. Please do not bring tennis balls, raquet balls, or any toy of that size. (They fit nicely down our septic drain and will clog it right up.) Also, please do not bring any towels. They get mixed up with our own and tend to get lost.
  • When you arrive at Tcups 'n Toys, please pay attention to the signs on the fence. If you notice the signs saying "DO NOT APPROACH FENCE" please understand that these are posted to protect the dogs. Approaching a fenced yard-full of excited dogs can cause one or more of them to turn on a playmate for your attention. Please help us and them by respecting the signs and ensuring your children keep a safe distance as well.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY - We require 24 hours notice for cancellation of non-holiday reservations and 72 hours notice of cancellation for holiday reservations. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years reservations require seven days notice. The fee for canceling without proper notice is $50 or half the amount of the nights reserved, whichever is less. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years reservations require a 50% non refundable deposit at the time the reservation is made.


  • Day care is by appointment only and current shot records are required.
  • There is no day care on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Day care is ALWAYS weather permitting.
  • If it has or is going to rain, hail, sleet, or snow, or if the temperature will be 100° or higher, please do NOT bring your dog for day care. We have limited space in the kennel and dogs with boarding reservations have first priority to runs. Any dog brought on non-daycare days will be charged regular BOARDING rates.
  • If it is questionable as to whether we're having daycare, PLEASE CALL US.
  • It is possible to make recurring day care reservations. However, please note that if you miss two appointments without calling us, your future day care reservations will be cancelled. 

 ***Fill the dog boarding RESERVATION form to make a reservation.